About Halvar

Some history

Halvard Nordfjæran was born in 1958 on the lush peninsula of ­Frosta by Trondheimsfjorden. Growing up in Trondheim's kitchen garden, which Frosta is called because of the area's agriculture, was safe and enjoyable:

“My parents were always kind; there was never any swearing or drunkenness. They ran a small farm and had more than enough to be getting on with. I learned to work at an early age, and I'm very glad I did. The farm is by the sea, so learning to swim was as natural as learning to walk. We had lots of friends and lots of fun when we were kids. I can't imagine a better childhood. I enjoyed soccer and various other sports.”

Halvard tells of how, when he was between three and five years old, he discovered that he knew what was going to happen around him. He found that if he talked about it with someone, it didn't happen. If he didn't talk about it, it happened. Therefore, no one believed him. He also says that by the age of ten he sometimes felt that he was adopted:

“It felt like my mother and father were not my parents, but I knew they were. I got this feeling on several occasions and have since pondered this. Early in the 1990s, I got the answer to why this was happening. I went to known psychologist, Rune Amundsen, who believed in regression therapy, and he asked if he could help me revisit past lives. I hadn’t told him about the experiences I had had as a ten year old. In the space of a couple of hours, I was revisiting four previous lives. On one occasion I regressed to a village in Skåne, where I was a blacksmith, in a forge making horseshoes. I felt like I was grieving but did not know the reason. After some back and forth, I saw myself lying on a table, almost one year old, while my parents discussed how they could not afford to keep me and decided to give me to others. The feelings I experienced as I lay in Florø and relived
this were so strong that I could not be confused.”

Halvard was already interested in natural medicine in his teens. He read books on the subject and tried various herbal teas. After junior high school in Frosta and two years of vocational school in Stjørdal, he lived in an apartment in Ranheim while working in Trondheim. He attended Persaunet sailing school in Trondheim, and spent one tour at sea, but it did not suit him. When he was around 20 years old, he decided to become a homoeopath. He obtained information on the education provided by the Norwegian Academy of Natural Medicine. But the feeling that he did not need training, and that he had the ability to do other things, made him change his mind. In 1980, he moved to Tønsberg, and got a job in the Post Office. But just before he was to travel there, an article in Adresseavisen caught his attention:

“That was on 14 June 1980. The article was about a man in Byneset that could stop bleeding, and various other things. He said that he was looking for someone in the family that could continue this legacy. It couldn't be just anyone, the person would have to be qualified to do so. The man in Byneset was Petter Nistad; my mother's cousin. My mother called him and told him that I was interested in natural medicine, and Peter asked us to call over at the weekend. We went to visit him and talked about everyday stuff, and a little about what he could do. He gave me a book on Marcello Haugen and asked me to read it, to see if it inspired me. After a few days he called and asked me to come over alone. He told me about stemming bleeding and other things, and that when he shook hands with me the first time he felt that I had extraordinary abilities, and wanted me to take over from him. I cut myself a few times after that, and when I did what Peter had told me, the bleeding stopped.”

The first time in Tønsberg, Halvard took a course in yoga and meditation, and that was when things seriously started to take off. After the course, things really took off for him, and he had some eye-opening experiences including, among other things, premonitions. But a few months with the Post Office was enough to convince Halvard that he was not destined to be a postman. He got a job at Jarlsø factories, and bought many books from England on various energies; without actually reading them. And then the event that would change his life forever occurred:

“I meditated daily and jogged every afternoon. I knew deep down that I had these abilities, but I also realized that I should not push too hard so as not to release them too quickly. But on 7 February 1982 I received confirmation. I had had pain in one foot for three days, and I was becoming frustrated because I could not take my daily run. When I came home from work that day, I felt that I should hold my hands over the area in pain. I immediately felt the energy, and the pain disappeared out through my toes.

The next day at the factory I mentioned this to the people I worked with, and wondered if any of them were experiencing pain. One of them said he had pain in his shoulder, and that he had visited a physiotherapist 36 times without any improvement. I asked whether he'd like to be a guinea pig, and he said he would. He came to my house that night, and was probably just as excited as I was. After 35 minutes, he told me that the pain was gone, along with the pain in his arm, which he had not told me anything about beforehand. At work the next day, several people asked what had happened and he told them what had happened and that the pain was gone. But they probably wondered whether the pain was gone for good or whether it would return. Two weeks later, he was still pain-free, and more people wanted treatment, and thereafter their families, friends and acquaintances.”

“Pretty soon I was very busy in the evenings and on weekends, and before the holidays I had a decision to make; factory work or healing, because I could not keep up both; it was too tiring. At the weekends, I went home to the people of Vestfold and elsewhere. Oslo, Sandefjord, Porsgrunn, Skien and along the south coast to Lindesnes, and further north. I visited many hospitals to administer treatment.”

At that time, healers were called faith healers and people with healing hands. Halvard said he contacted one of them to talk about her abilities, but was prevented every time he was to visit her:

“Something always came up to prevent me travelling. I later realized why. It was so that I wouldn't learn another person's techniques and way of working. As it could ruin my method, which was right for me.”

“Faith healer or a person with healing hands is not the correct designation, as it is not necessary to
lay hands on the person. One could equally well treat the aura or from afar. And not everyone is familiar with healing hands. One can just as easily feel cold hands; even so cold that it feels like it freezes. At the very beginning there were people who came to me who thought that if you felt cold, it meant cancer. This is obviously incorrect. What you feel is right for you. Another might feel different. If you feel something, it's a sign that you are responding to healing, but if you do not feel anything at first, it does not necessarily mean that you are not receptive. Not everyone is sensitive to what is happening in the body. And there can be a big differences in what people feel, depending on what is troubling them and what they suffered from earlier in life. Some need multiple treatments before they feel any reaction or change, as it may take time to "find" and dissolve blockages, which is necessary for the improvement to be noticed. A person can experience reactions and symptoms they had in the past, but in reverse order, as the healing process is like running a film backwards.”

In the summer of 1982, Halvard decided to be a full time healer. He returned to Frosta and treated the people there throughout the summer. In the autumn, he moved back to Tønsberg. He rented a house in Tolvsrød, before he moved, in 1983, to a house in Barkåker, which was well suited to receiving clients. The house had an office and waiting room on the first floor and an apartment on the second.

At a healer course in Gausdal in the autumn of 1982, Halvard was excited about meeting others with abilities like his; but he was disappointed:

“They were ordinary people, who saw it as a vacation, or were simply curious about healing and
meditation. The most important thing I learned there was that I had found the method that was right for me, and that I should stick to it. Trust what I felt deep down, because it was appropriate for me to listen to my spiritual helpers. They knew what to do and they would guide me in the right direction. When I was confused and did not know what to do, they guided and showed me the solution in pictures.”

The people who came from all over the country to be treated by Halvard told stories about others with similar qualities:

“Many had previously received help from someone with healing hands. I learned that people from Trøndelag and Northern Norway were the easiest: they did not ask so many questions. They were more accustomed to such things. But people from south of Dovre, except those who already knew of Marcello Haugen, did not have this relationship with healing and did not give it much thought. They were more taken with the doctors who were educated in treating people. But what did it matter when people were helped by medical science? If they had been helped by doctors, they wouldn't come to me? There were also some quacks about, but you can say that about some doctors too. However, from 1990, the publicity in magazines and on TV made healing well known throughout the country.”

Halvard believes that healing is an innate ability:

“Just as with other abilities, such as being very musical, artistic, etc. It is not possible for everyone to be able to perform healing, so it is untrue when most course­ organisers say that anyone can learn healing. That everyone can become a healer. They only say that to attract as many people as possible to the course. Anyone can learn about healing, but not everyone can be a good healer, and if you have the abilities, you do not necessarily need to attend courses. It can be an advantage but also a disadvantage, depending on how good you are at sorting out what is good or not. From around 1990, there have been many courses on healing and self-development. New healing techniques are still appearing: Body Mirror System, Reiki, surgical healing, theta healing, etc. All of these are just different names and phrases to make it seem more interesting. To get people to believe that they have discovered something new, something special. Why not tell it like it is, that you are practising healing, if you have such abilities? Attending courses and learning various techniques, symbols, words and phrases can be okay if you like it. There are many who do not understand what healing is and how it works, so they believe they can learn to be a healer. There is definitely much to be learnt on courses, but we must use reason and understand what is right and what is not.”

“There are various degrees of healing ability. Some are stronger, some weaker, and in some cases, some people can train themselves to reach their full potential. In this way, you can benefit from what you learn on the course. If you are a strong healer, you do not need to engage with many other things, at least not at first.”

“There are some who lose their footing after a weekend course or two. There is stronger energy in a group and many can achieve some results with muscles, stress headaches and other such simple things. Once they have experienced this, they think that they can do everything, and begin talking about their abilities, as well as appointments and prices. Many have been duped by visits to such people. They then say that they have tried healing and it did not work, and they do not then believe in it. But the reason is they did not visit a proper healer. However, no one can help everybody. Neither can I. But what I do helps most people.”

When someone asks Halvard what type of healing he practices, he replies:

“For me there is only one type, and that is natural healing. Spiritual healing. This is not a therapeutic system, such as acupuncture, homoeopathy, reflexology or other treatment, and thus cannot be learnt. It is innate. Other, previous members of my family had such abilities, but they did not actively use them, as there was a lot of misconception among people. Especially among Christian communities and members of the state church. It's not so long ago that witch trials created problems for people with extraordinary abilities. Some also ask whether I am being drained of energy. No, I do not use my own energy, and some of the "gold dust" also falls on me. That is to say, I am recharged. If I was not in shape when I start the treatment, I might be in better shape afterwards. Some talk about what I do to open up and shut off. From the beginning in 1982, I decided I would always be open. Therefore, energy may be transmitted whenever there is someone nearby who needs it. If I'm standing in line, sitting on the train, talking on the phone, etc. Previously there were some who believed that healing was illegal because of the Anti Quackary Act. Thus, it would have been difficult to go outside or interact with other people without being a lawbreaker.”

“Many also wonder what I do to protect myself. There are several techniques available, but I don't do anything. If it is intended that you shall practice healing, you are protected.”

“Some think you can heal too much. Over­ dosage! But that's not possible. I know of no one who has died from receiving too much love. I've heard of healers who will not treat people under 18, and I think that's just silly. And some believe that we are not allowed to treat people who have not requested it, or who are not familiar with it and have not approved it. What about those in a coma? Or if you arrive at an accident? Should you not help a person if they cannot request it themselves? Either nothing happens, or it helps. You have to use common sense. No one is damaged by healing, whether you request it or not.”

“Many people ask me about the staging of the healing, as they have heard or learned that you must be sitting or lying down and relaxed, meditate and preferably light a candle. Well, imagine a farmer going out to the barn and saying to Daisy: "Now you must lie down and relax, and be part of the healing, I will light a candle and then you other cows and calves must be quiet for a while." You don't need to be a part of it or know the staging. It may have a negative effect. The healing energy is associated with the body's capacity for doing what is necessary, and you do not need to sit there and think of special symbols or perform mantras. You would probably achieve better results if you just tune out and relax completely.”

In 1983 Halvard treated a woman with a serious illness. She was a patient of a doctor at a rehabilitation­ centre. The doctor was impressed by the results of the treatment:

“She became a lot better, and the doctor wanted me to come and visit the centre and treat some patients there. He sat and watched while I treated some people, including a woman with a big lump in her neck. This disappeared in 25 minutes. After that I was at the rehabilitation centre several times, but eventually there was a bit of a fuss. The doctor said I could not come back, as there was a risk that he could lose his licence. It did not go down well with the licensing authorities or the Norwegian Medical­ Association (NMA) that there was a healer operating in the area. It is not good that people are cured too quickly...”

In 1983 Halvard also found that he had the ability to adjust length differences in arms and legs:

“The first time I tried it was on a girl from Valdres. One of her legs was about one centimetre shorter than the other. It stretched over a couple of minutes and she felt afterwards that she could stand up straight with both heels on the floor. This made such a big impression on me that I didn't say a word for two hours.

In 1984 Halvard moved to Valdres and rented a house in Leira, with an apartment on the second floor and offices, a waiting room and two single guest rooms for visitors from afar on the ground floor. He got to know many nice people there, when they realized that he was serious. His work attracted a lot of attention, and soon he had a waiting list of several years. This made it hard to know what to do when someone with a serious illness made contact.

In the summer of 1984 he contacted the people of Svarga, where Marcello had lived and worked:

“They invited me to his house, and it was very interesting to be there and to talk to them. There is a small chapel in the grounds that Marcello had built. Inside there is a small room with a chair, presumably where he meditated. I sat there and meditated himself. After a few minutes Marcello appeared. He stood behind me and showed me something; gave me a message.”

In 1990 Halvard organised a healing demonstration at Fagernes Hotel, and placed an ad announcing that he would try to adjust leg length on limping people:

“This is a very common cause of problems in the spine, pelvis and hips. It spreads to the knees, chest, neck and head, as the spine becomes like an S. It was a daring event, and I was excited and nervous after I placed the ad. Around 27 to 28 people showed up, probably just as excited as I was. A lot happened that night, and many were surprised.”

After this, Halvard organized several demonstrations and so-called healing circles in several locations around the country. At one healing circle, the audience sits in a ring, and Halvard walks around and spends a few minutes with each one. The energy flows in a circle and everyone receives healing simultaneously, no matter who he is holding. At one such a demonstration in Trondheim on 30 December 1991, a reporter and photographer from Adresseavisen were present. The next day, the following appeared in the newspaper:

“Just before half past three in the afternoon yesterday, Stig (26) hobbled into room 209 of the Hotel Royal Garden on crutches. His back pain of fourteen years had peaked and now he wanted to try the "last resort." Ten minutes later, Stig walked down the hotel stairs with the crutches under his arm.”

Halvard says that when the county medical officer heard this, he called and asked what he meant by carrying on like this:

“The county medical officer said that he knew of people like me, and threatened me with a bit of everything if I did not quit. Which of course I did not. After the article in Adresseavisen, NRK P2 who wanted myself and the county medical officer to take part in a live radio debate the next day called me. I showed up, despite the short notice, and was told that this was a call-in show to which listeners could call in and voice their opinion on healing, and I could then reply to each one. The county medical officer did not show up in person, but sent a secretary. A lot of people called in and wanted to give their opinion; some positive, but mostly negative. I thought that was odd, as I knew several of the people I had helped would call in. After the broadcast, an employee approached me and told me that they had been told not to let too many positive opinions through, but to let those with negative comments to say the most. The next day, several people told me that they had called in but could not get through.”

The increase in his activities and the fact that he missed the sea meant that Halvard's life in a small village in the mountains ended in 1996. He moved from Valdres to Stjørdal and rented an office in the city centre, where he quickly filled up his client list. But in those first years as a healer he realized he had abilities other than healing:

“There were some occurrences that were not of the physical world. Such as knowing what ailed people, seeing things from the past, receiving messages in different ways, etc. Like when I was on holiday in Australia. I received advice from a spiritual presence to avoid a mall in Surfers Paradise in Queensland. Afterwards it turned out that it was robbed by two armed men. It was like watching an American crime film. A Police chase with cars and helicopters.”

“So I joined the Clairvoyance School in Copenhagen in august 2003, because I wanted to test my abilities before eventually revealing them. That led to many interesting weekend meetings. I received the confirmation­ I needed. The examiner for the spring exam of 2004, a person I had never met or had had anything to do with, could tell afterwards that there was a spirit present, and that spirit was called something containing Jos..., how he looked and that he had been with me since I was 12 years old to help me on this path. My grandfather's name was Josef, and he died in 1945.”

Halvard believes that it was decided before he was born that he would pursue healing:

“I later realised that I was led onto this path, especially from the age of twelve. Whether it is a duty or a calling, I don’t really know what to say, but it was my problem and I could not avoid it. I was given evidence of this in March 1985, when I lived in Leira and had just bought a small farm in Bjørgo. A friend helped me with some renovations, so that I could move there and set up my office. This farm was located below the railway track to Valdresbanen. The road to it was winding and not quite horizontal. There were probably no cars when it was built, just horses. After finishing the refurbishment for the day we drove up from there. It was a quarter to eight, it was dark and we had gotten fifteen centimetres heavy snow that day. We had to have some speed to get up, but not too much, lest we slip off the bend by the railway track. Just above the railway line we became stuck in the snow. I asked Ove jump out, as I had to try to reverse over the railway track, and he would cry out if a train was coming. Because of the heavy, wet snow and because the road went diagonally across the railway track, it was not turning properly, and I was left with both rear wheels between the rails outside the crossing. "There's a train coming," shouted Ove, and 70 meters south of me a train was coming around the bend at full speed. Four seconds later the car was a wreck. Physically, I had no chance to get to safety, but when the need is greatest, help is closest. The next moment I found myself 20 metres up the hill. I saw the car on the railway track before the train smashed into it. There were nothing to show that I had walked up the hill in the deep, heavy snow in four seconds, which would have been impossible anyway. I will not divulge what really happened.”

Halvard has practised healing full-time since 1982, and has not had time for anything else. He must, therefore, also be paid for what he does:

“I do not charge for the healing, but for the time I spend on it. In the beginning, I let people pay what they thought fit. I felt then that those who only had little money paid more, and those with more money paid little or nothing. Eventually I had to set a fixed fee, but treated some people for free in order to establish what could be cured and how much treatment was necessary.”

“Some people experience spontaneous healing, while others must be prepared to stick with it for a while, depending on how long they have been afflicted and if they have had any previous complaints. I do not treat symptoms, but the entire individual, as it is the flow of energy in and around the body that determines how well they are. The healing takes place on the spiritual plane, spirit over matter. It may, therefore, take longer than many anticipate, as everything is interconnected and the reason may lie far back in time. If people wish to be healthy, they have to address everything on all levels. But they should not get caught up in the diagnosis they have received from the health service. It is not always correct. In the 1980s, many were diagnosed with nerve problems. In the 1990s, viruses were more popular. This is because the doctors did not know what was wrong with people.”

When Halvard started healing, he was eager to see how people would react:

“In particular, I was curious as to how the people closest to me would react. But it went surprisingly well, perhaps because most of them had heard of someone who had been to someone with healing hands. But there was some talk about it; I believe, because I certainly did not hear anything and that wasn't so good. I do not know how many people I've helped. I have no idea. But it must have been a few thousand. I have had so much to do that I have not had time to keep statistics.”

When Halvard is asked to make a list of the illnesses and problems he has helped people with, it is a long list:
It would include the following:

Withdrawal symptoms, allergies, angina, anxiety, stress, asthma, problems with balance, Bechtrew's disease, differences in leg length, bone imbalances, osteoporosis, pelvic pain, inflammation, loss of consciousness, sinus ailments, blood poisoning, blood clots, poor blood circulation, blood disorders, bleeding, hernias, bronchitis, boils, candida albicans, cerebral palsy, depression, diabetes, diarrhoea, minor cerebral haemorrhages, dyslexia, eczema , emphysema, digestive problems, calcification, colds, constipation, frozen shoulders, gallstones, glaucoma, haemorrhoids, strokes, atrial fibrillation, heart attacks, headaches, hormone imbalance, skin disorders, hyperactivity, hypertension, hearing loss, hair growth problems, sports injuries, infections, flu, sciatica, venereal disease, colic, cramps, cancer, lumps, paralysis, arthritis, lumbago, lupus, multiple sclerosis, gastritis, meniscus, period pain, migraine, Crohn's disease, muscle pain, whiplash, pyelitis, kidney problems, kidney stones, menopausal symptoms, polyps, prolapse, psoriasis, psychological distress, quicker healing after surgery and bone fractures, arthritis, substance abuse, smoking cessation, mental illness, disorders, hip wear, pain, fungal infections, eating disorders, stuttering, metabolic disorders, radiation damage, tumours, poor vision, visual disturbances, systemic lupus erythematosus (lupus), Coeliac disease, sleep disorders, toothache, tennis elbow, traffic injuries, ulcerative colitis, gout, urinary tract infection, burnout, viruses, injuries, edema, conjunctivitis, atherosclerosis, varicose veins.

There are much more.

In the beginning, there were many cases that made a deep impression on him:

“Besides seeing arms and legs being stretched, there were other things too. Many people contacted me because they had cancer, and had been given little hope by the public health system. For example, a man came from Northern Trøndelag with prostate cancer and said that the doctors had given him six months to live. He received three treatments, and when he was examined at Namsos hospital soon after, he was declared healthy and lived for another 17 years.

A woman from Chile who lived in Valdres called me and told me about her aunt in Chile, who had cancer of the abdomen. That would have been around 1983-84, and I didn't really think I could help her. But it doesn't hurt to try, I thought. Her aunt did not know about the treatment. I ­treated her from afar a few times, and two weeks later I received a call from Valdres saying that the aunt had been sick at the time I treated her. She had eventually gone to the hospital, had been examined and was told that she was healthy.

A man from Hønefoss had been told that he did not have long to live after he had operated upon for cancer of the throat. It had spread to the lymph nodes under his right arm and his liver, which was so bad that they could not do anymore; and they had given him a death sentence. He drove from Hønefoss to Valdres and was in such great pain that he had to stop many times along the way and he was suffering badly from pain when he arrived. He was a tough guy with a military background. Not one to complain. He received double treatments every day for a week starting on Monday, and on Wednesday he was noticeably better. On Friday he was in good shape. When he visited the hospital the following Monday, he was told that he was healthy.”

“It was also very exciting when a woman came from Horten with a large calcification. She had had pain in her right arm and shoulder for seven years. She had X-rays taken at Horten hospital, which showed a large calcification in her shoulder. The doctor said she would have to endure this calcification for the rest of her life. She received cortisone injections, radiology ­treatments, physiotherapy and acupuncture, but the pain persisted. She had several X-rays taken over that seven-year­ period, including on 20 October 1982, which showed that the calcification was unchanged. Her first appointment with me was on 30 November 1982. She told me she had no faith in healing, but she had tried so much that she might as well try healing too. During the treatments, she felt a little warmth in the shoulder, and then some pain down her arm. During the seventh treatment, she wanted to give up because her arm was too painful. She did not think it was any help anyway. That was very stupid, I thought. As she had experienced reactions during and after the treatment, something must have happened. The X-ray clearly showed calcification, and what if it had disappeared? Then I would have clear proof that it is possible to remove calcification ­with healing. On this basis, I offered her some free treatments. After the tenth treatment the pain eased. On 15 February 1983, she went to Horten hospital for new X-rays. And to her astonishment she saw that almost all of the calcification was gone. She came back for three more treatments; after which she was healthy.”

October 20. 1982 -------------------------------------------- February 15. 1983

The picture on the left shows the large calcification very clearly. The picture on the right shows that after ten treatments there is only some debris left. This disappeared after the final three sessions.

Some people who contacted Halvard believed that he would treat them for free:

“Those who believe that do not respect what I do and the fact that I spend my time doing this. And such an attitude can lead to poor results, something I experienced in the early years.”

He also gives tips on how to distinguish between serious and non-serious practitioners:

“Unfortunately, there are some dishonest people in this business; as in all others. Many people have difficulty distinguishing them from serious practitioners. It can help to listen to what the person says. If he or she uses big words and promises healing, or charges high fees, you should be careful.

It is best to go to someone that has been recommended by others, or who has good references. But, as I've said: No one can heal everybody. Neither can I. “By their fruit you will recognize them.”

Halvard rented office space in Stjørdal from 1996 to 2008, and had a full client list. As time has passed, he has concentrated on healing from afar, and today that is what he does most. He no longer travels the country treating people, but has an office on the ground floor of his home. In very special cases he receives clients there. He sums up being a healer thus:

“Healing is the treatment of the entire person.

The treatment of physical and mental health, chronic and acute ailments, leaving no side effects. Clearing blockages and raising energy to create balance, which helps to restore focus. The energies always strive to restore health and wholeness, and are never injurious to the living organism. To be a healer is to be open to these spiritual energies and to allow them work through yourself to benefit the sick and suffering. I am a channel. I do not cure. The spiritual energies do. When they are allowed to operate freely, anything can happen. Even miracles!”

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