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Halvard is a natural intuitive healer. He
found out about his abilities around 1980 when he practiced daily yoga and
meditation. Summer 1982 he had so many clients that he had to make a choice,
continue to work at the factory he worked or healing full time. He chose
healing full time since he felt it was his mission in life. He felt he was
Born to Heal. He has since 1982 practiced healing and distance healing fulltime.

To be a good healer for others you need
to be in good balance both physically and mentally. He was convinced about
his abilities after treating himself and some workmates. The first years from 1980 he received
spiritual training, spiritual friends showed him pictures and told him what
skills he had and what to do. Due to his extensive healing work with many
clients and long days, his energetic vibrations became very high already in
the 1980s and this is why his distance healing si so effective.

First time he performed distance healing
was about 1983 - 1984 on a woman from Chile who had cancer. He did not
believe he could help her but would make an attempt. Two weeks later he was
told that she had been healed.

He can easily put himself in a meditative
state to heighten his energies which are necessary for the healing to take
place. He does not use his own energies, he is an intermediary between the
client and the spiritual world. Several people sensitive to energy has
reported that his distance healing have felt like in person sessions.

He performs distance healing, Spiritual
Healing which includes Reiki Healing, Reconnective Healing, Chakra
Balancing, Healing of pets, places and past events.

Spiritual Healing takes place on the
spiritual plane and contains all the other healing forms and much more.

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testimonials from some of his clients.

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