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The World's Oldest Cure



Being a healer means that one puts oneself at the disposition of spiritual energies. I let these energies work through me to the benefit of the sick and the suffering. I am but a channel. It is these spiritual energies that heal, not me.

Healing is the most commonly used form of alternative treatment on Iceland, in England, the Netherlands and the USA. In England, healing has an established position in relation to the public health service and many doctors employ healers in their general practices. These doctors describe healing as a natural phenomenon with wide therapeutic value. It is without side effects and can be used in combination with other types of therapy.


One may experience hot and cold currents, prickling or numbness. One may feel heavy, light, queasy, dizzy, nauseated, tired, listless or full of energy. Other reactions are spontaneous movements and emotional reactions, crying, laughter, fever, vomiting, swelling of the fingers, increased level of pain during or immediately after healing - all of which disappear completely or partially. Some patients experience a vigorous cleansing via urination and/or bowel movement. Those who have used a lot of medication may notice that their urine smells of chemicals. Reactions may occur during the treatment or later, perhaps the following day.

Reactions come and go within three days in most cases. Different people react in different ways and reactions can vary from time to time. Reactions are usually not very noticeable the first time but may increase with subsequent treatments. Some people don't notice any reaction but that doesn't mean that there has been no transition of energy. Pain and other symptoms may have disappeared or been greatly diminished by the following day.

Others may experience a brief deterioration of their condition during the days immediately following the treatment. This is not a "side effect" in the medical sense of the word but a natural response whereby the body's own healing process is activated.

If, after a few treatments, you notice reaction and/or changes it is a sign that you are receptive to healing. You should then continue with the treatments until the reactions cease because you will react as long as there is sickness in your body.

It is not the healer who heals. The healer is a medium who channels healing energy. Healing is not dependent on faith or doubt.

Animals and small children are more receptive to healing.

It is the flow of energy through your body that decides how healthy you are. Healing helps remove blockages in order to restore the natural balance of energy.

Healing seldom works immediately. It won't work at all on about 20% of the people who try it. Among the other 80%, some will be totally cured and others will be helped in varying degrees.

The healing effect occurs comparatively quickly. True healing can do no harm and even if the patient is not cured his quality of life will improve and he will be better able to tackle his situation. Four or five treatments are necessary before one can say that he has tried healing, in some cases even more. On the other hand, some people are well after the first treatment. Chronic ailments require more treatments than acute problems. The active factor in healing has it's own intelligence. The energy always tries to restore health and wholesomeness and never harms the living organism.

Unsuccessful healing can have several reasons. The patient and the healer may be incompatible so that it is impossible to create a suitable channel for the healing power. In such cases, the patient can try another healer. If this doesn't help, the condition may be irreparable or the patients karma or fate may be so strongly fixed that it can't be changed.

Healing is not a therapeutic system like other forms of therapy. It is a natural process that follows it's own laws. This is why healing can't be learned like other forms of therapy.

One can learn about healing but in order to practice it one must have the ability. By attending healing courses one can learn healing methods that are right for the instructor and thus destroy one's own abilities. One must therefore be selective.

Healing is mainly based on ability not on theoretical knowledge. Many people attend healing courses and reiki, there is nothing wrong with that. But unfortunately some of these people start healing practices without having the ability. They can , of course, help some patients with minor problems but they also deceive many. Those who aren't helped think that they have tried healing and since they weren't helped they aren't receptive. They don't go on to a serious healer. Patients and relatives should be critical towards healers who promise cures, who try to influence the patients choice of treatment or who take unreasonably high fees.

We are all independent individuals who create our own personal realities. That is why people have different opinions about different things, including healing. The problem is that as long as we stick to our own personal point of view we will never be able to understand the true nature of things.

Healing can kill cancer cells.

The healer who has been best documented by scientific research is the Englishman, Matthew Manning.

In these tests, carried out under complete scientific control in laboratories, Manning demonstrated, among other things, his ability to influence the destruction of blood cells and enzymes, the growth of mould, the death rate of cancer cells, and to influence human brain waves from a distance.

After tests on cancer cells in plastic containers in Texas, one of the scientists, Dr. John Kmet commented: The cancer cells were actually killed by Matthew.

Healing treats the whole person, not just isolated symptoms. Experience shows that the effect of healing doesn't depend on what ailment the patient has or what medical diagnosis he has received.

"If healing were a pill it would have been on the market a long time ago. Healing is better documented than any medication on the market. It would be a very popular pill since it has no side effects and it can cure and prevent problems that modern medicine can only alleviate." - Dr. Daniel Benor.

One is born with the ability to heal. It has been in the family for generations. In 1980 a relative, Petter Nistad, passed on the secret of stopping bleeding to me. He was born in 1896 and took over the power from his grandmother when he was 14. He was also a healer. After my meeting with him, I felt that "strange" things started to happen - or so I thought at that time. In February 1982 my healing powers became evident and everything seemed to fall into place. I started treating colleagues who, one after the other, were helped. They told friends and acquaintances and gradually I found myself quite busy. By July 1982 I realized that I couldn't have two jobs and since then I have been a full time healer.

It would be extremely unscientific to dismiss what we see and experience as non-existent.

Come with an open mind and a positive attitude.

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